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Virtual Engine Dyno - $39
Virtual Engine DynoA powerful engine performance simulation program for Horsepower, Torque, RPM, BSFC, CFM, VE, ET and MPH. Engine input is easy and quick using either the keyboard or mouse. Cylinder Head and Camshaft Data can be saved to a external file for future uses without re-entering the specifications. $39

Engine jr - $95
Engine jrEasy to use! Quickly predict engine HP and torque curves before you buy any more expensive engine parts. Includes options for gasoline and methanol, carbs and fuel injection, 2 and 4 valve heads, and every possible camshaft type - $95

Engine Pro - $265
Engine ProProfessional version of ENGINEjr. Many more details and recommendations to help you get the ultimate in HP and torque from your engine! Years of research, 100's of dyno tests, and 3 NHRA Competition Eliminator National Records later, this is the only "racer proven" software for the serious engine builder $265

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